Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Seriously? SERIOUSLY!

Today I went in for my "routine" pre-op testing and doctor visit, to make sure everything was all in order for next week.

Only, if you know about me and my health history, then you know there isn't really anything routine about anything!!

Long story short, my blood pressure was through the roof... off the charts... into "Way Way Scary" territory. And this for someone who has normal-to-low blood pressure.

It was so bad that my doctor took one look at my mom (who thank GOD went with me!) and said, "Take her to the ER right NOW"... which luckily was right next door...

Off we went to the ER... (I'm having not so fond flashbacks of the ER at this point...)... The docs there took my blood pressure, and given their vast medical knowledge said, "Yep, its high!"

They hooked me up to a bunch of junk, gave me drugs, gave me an EKG and took my blood pressure just about every 10 minutes or so.

The did enough blood work to figure out I'm not in renal or liver failure... the EKG came back perfect... so their expert medical opinion was "We don't know".

They are quite confident its temporary and may be due to the fact that I've been really sick the past week. Or it might not! At any rate, they gave me drugs to take until my surgery next week, so luckily that is still going on as planned.

Anyway, after several hours my blood pressure was finally low enough that they felt they could send me home. And now I'm serene and relaxed and stress free and ready for my surgery next week. hahaha

Its almost funny, right?? RIGHT?

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